Electrical Insulation Molded 500mm 25 Carbon Filled PTFE Tube

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CHUNHUAN
Certification: ISO 9001:2008 / SGS
Model Number: carbon filled ptfe tube
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 kilogram
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: standard wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-8 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 15 tons per month

Detail Information

Temperature: -180℃~+260℃ Density: 2.1-2.3 G/cm3
Application: Industry Wall Thickness: 0.1-500mm
Outer Diameter: 1-1800mm Color: Can Be Customized
High Light:

500mm 25 carbon filled PTFE tube


Electrical 500mm PTFE 25 carbon tube


Insulation 25 carbon PTFE tube

Product Description

Customized Size 25% Carbon Fiber Filled Black Molded PTFE Tube With Wall Thickness 0.1-500mm




PTFE has excellent performance, but it also has some shortcomings, such as poor creep resistance, easy wear, low mechanical strength and so on. RPTFE composite can be prepared by filling some reinforcing agents in PTFE (or PCTFE). These fillers can greatly improve the mechanical strength of PTFE, thus expanding the use of such materials. Fillers include carbon fiber, graphite, tin bronze powder, glass fiber, molybdenum disulfide, polyphenyl ester, para-polyphenyl, polyimide, carbon powder, aramid fiber, calcium sulfate, stainless steel powder, silicon powder, pigments and so on. Different fillers have their own characteristics. They can provide suitable materials according to the requirements of customers' working conditions, and their shapes and sizes can be customized at will.

25% carbon fiber filled PTFE tube has good chemical resistance to corrosive environments, has better creep & wear resistance compared pure PTFE material. These properties are improved with the addition of a carbon fiber filler. This filler improves dimensional stability to raise the heat deflection temperature, improves creep resistance & the dynamic bearing performance. PTFE carbon filled exhibits good initial wear andrubbing or sliding contact characteristics in both dry or water applications. It’s frequently used in piston rings to reduce cylinder wall wear by entrapping abrasive outside particles in their relatively soft surface.



♦ High temperature resistance
The working temperature is 250℃
♦ Low temperature resistance
Good mechanical toughness; even if the temperature drops to -196℃,it can also maintain a 5%
♦ Corrosion resistance
For most chemicals and solvents, it shows inertia,strong acid and strong alkali, water and various organic solvents.
♦ Climate resistance
The best aging life among all plastic.
♦ High lubrication
The lowest coefficient of friction in solid materials.
♦ Non adhesion
The smallest surface tension in the solid material,which does not adhere to any substance.
♦ No toxicity
It has a physiological inertia and has no adverse reaction in the long term imolantation of artificial blood vessels and organs.
♦ Electrical insulation
It can resist 1500 volts of high voltage electricity.


Electrical Insulation Molded 500mm 25 Carbon Filled PTFE Tube 0





  OD(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Length(mm)
Paste Extruded Tube 0.5~25 0.1~2.5 According to customer’s request
Plug Extruded Tube 25~250 1.5~8 According to customer’s request
Molded Tube 25~2000 5~500 100~300




Pump and instrument construction

Food and medical technology

Chemical engineering parts

Electrical industry

Pump housings

Shaft bearings

Valve seats

Shaft seats



Electrical Insulation Molded 500mm 25 Carbon Filled PTFE Tube 1


PTFE filled with other materials:



Filled materials

Common filled ratio

(Quantity %)

Main performance



Increase hardness and wear resistance;

Increase dimensional stability and compressive strength;

Not suitable for corrosive or electrical applications

Carbon 5,10,15

Increases compressive strength,hardness,wear and load properties

Good chemical resistance; Improves electrical properties

Graphite 10,15,25

Improves the deformation under load;Reduces initial wear;

Improves thermal and electrical conductivity

Glass Fiber 10,15,25

Increases compressive strength,rigidity and wear.

Reduces creep and cold flow;improve dimensional stability

Carbon Fiber 5,10,15

Increases compressive strength,hardness,wear,and load properties.

Reduces creep and cold flow


(Polyphenyl ester)


Improve the lubricaiton performance;Enhance the mechanical strength;

Increase using temperature

BaSO4 5,10,15

Increase compressive strength, hardness and wear resistance

Reduces creep

SiO2 5,10,15 Increases hardness and wear resistance; Improve Dimensional Stability
Glass beads 5,10,15

Reduces creep and cold flow; Lower density

Increases hardness and wear resistance;

Others materials PEEK (polyetheretherketone),PI(Polyimide),MoS2 are also ok



Some materials have similar enhancement effect, but degrees of enhancement are different.And they have different prices. More details please contact us


Electrical Insulation Molded 500mm 25 Carbon Filled PTFE Tube 2


Testing Data Contrast of Some Typical Filled Products



Item Pure PTFE 60% Bronze 20% Glass fiber 15% Glass Fiber 5% graphite 20% Carbon fiber Unit
Density 2.18 3.9 2.26 2.22 2.01 g/m3
Tensil Strength 276 127 175 158 189 MPa
Elongation at break 238 101 207 205 92 %
ROCKWELL Hardness 3.2 33.8 6.4 11.3 32.1 -
Friction coefficient 0.13 0.18-0.2 0.2-0.24 0.15-0.17 0.16-0.18 -
Bending strength 207 280 210 225 320

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